Economic Update

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Economic Update with Richard D. Wolff began on one radio station in March 2011. Today, this weekly, one-hour program is broadcast on over 80 radio stations nationwide, is available in video form for streaming on YouTube and Facebook, and is televised on a public station in New York. Wolff’s speciality is to take complex economic issues and make them understandable, empowering listeners with information to analyze not only their own financial situation but the economy at large. By focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life – wages, jobs, taxes, debts, interest rates, prices, and profits – the program explores the basic problems of economies today and alternative ways to solve those problems, including changing current economic systems. Roughly half of the programs include interviews with experts, activists and academics on major current economic issues.

Democracy at Work is a non-profit 501(c)3 that advocates for worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces as a key path to a better, democratic economic system. Based on the book Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism by Richard D. Wolff, we envision a future where workers at every level of their offices, stores, and factories have equal voices in the direction of their enterprise and its impact within their community and society at large.