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D@W Melbourne Action Group meeting John Curtin Hotel Melbourne 2017Democracy@Work Melbourne

Democracy@Work Melbourne is one of many local community  D@W Action Groups in cities around the world that are working on building a movement demanding viable alternatives to capitalism by advocating for economic democracy in our workplaces.

Each month different members from the various Action Groups will meet online to feedback on activities and projects from their local groups. Liz Phillips, from the D@W Los Angeles Group, currently coordinates these meetings and other activities for all the Action Groups.

The Melbourne Action Group was established in February 2017. We are a small group of dedicated and passionate supporters of worker-owned collectives. The group operates as an informal study group open to anyone interested in building and growing this movement for economic democracy and justice.

Our membership is diverse and open, with people already involved in community and political action groups, as well as to those just interested in advocating and promoting worker-owned cooperatives as alternatives  to our existing workplaces.

Action Group Meetings

Initially when the Melbourne Group formed we held monthly public meetings.  Over the past few months with input from all the Action Groups around the world the consensus is for local groups to act more as study groups or hubs for people interested in learning more about Democracy@Work .

We primarily connect online with each other to share, discuss and collaborate on projects and activities. We use an online meeting and collaboration space on Loomio for member participation in decision-making for the Melbourne Group that you’re welcome to join.

Loomio is a worker-owned cooperative established in New Zealand, that provides an online platform to enable groups to meet and share ideas online and to foster democratic and collaborative decision-making processes.

Drop us a Line

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your ideas at D@W Melbourne.

Check our website and Facebook Page for any upcoming social meetings and activities you may be interested in attending.

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