Democracy at Work is a project, begun in 2010, that aims to build a social movement.

The movement’s goal is the transition to a new society whose productive enterprises (offices, factories, and stores) will mostly be Worker Self Directed Enterprise’s, a real economic democracy.

These worker-owned cooperative enterprises would partner equally with similarly organised residential communities they interact with at the local, regional, and national levels (and hopefully international as well). That partnership would form the basis of genuine participatory democracy.

D@W Melbourne is a local chapter of this project to develop a global social movement for economic and workplace democracy.

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Let’s change the way we live and work.

We are on the brink of a larger mass movement ready to demand alternative solutions to capitalism. This movement will be successful if we are willing to work toward a solution that supports and empowers workers in their respective enterprises. We want to help support those interested in organizing and mobilizing this movement.

Democracy@Work advocates for a transition from capitalist to democratic worker-owned cooperative enterprises as a viable alternative to the capitalist system that rewards corporate greed and unacceptable outcomes for the overwhelming majority of people. That is, the ninety-nine percent of people on the planet

Our vision is to transition to a society whose workplaces, enterprises and institutions are democratic, sustainable and focused on meeting human needs and not capitalist greed.

Join us!